A bit about me

Will Matz in Nashville

I consider myself a generalist. I have a tendency to dive deeply into hobbies and subjects. Here are a few of the things I enjoy doing:

- Browsing art galleries
- Playing darts
- Brewing beer and wine
- Building websites
- Analyzing data
- Running
- Writing articles
- Thinking about fixing higher education

I spend most of my time building technology and algorithms at CaringWire. Our mission is to guide family caregivers through the complex process of caring for an older adult. We do this by educating caregivers, matching them with relevant resources, and helping them to create a detailed care plan.

I'm thankful that I can spend my days building technology that's creating a positive change in the world!


Here's a few of the projects I've worked on over the years

This Website!

A place to keep my projects, ideas, and hobbies! It's the first project I hosted on AWS Amplify (super easy, will do again).

Material UI
AWS Amplify

Can't Stop Us

Can't Stop Us was a quick project that attempted to spread the Can't Stop Columbus movement to other cities. We created a community-building toolkit, and I spun up this website to showcase it. The project got some traction in Dayton and Nashville, but we ultimately sunsetted it.

Material UI

Generative Adversarial Network

For my final project in Physics 6820, I built an ML model called a generative adversarial network. I generated realistic facial images using a dataset of only 500 celebrity headshots. There was some other science in there, but that's the cool part.



Launched on the iOS App Store in January 2019. We were one of the first apps to use the Snapchat SDK. We gave our users a way to put event invitations on Snapchat Stickers, then let their friends RSVP right in Snapchat. It was so unsuccessful that we didn't want to pay $5/mo to keep the website up.

Snapchat SDK

Triple Top Brewing

"It's no bullseye, but I think it hit the board!"
Will Matz and Kai McKinney bottling a homebrew wine

Will Matz and Kai McKinney bottle a batch of Cabernet Franc

For the last few years, I've been learning how to brew beer, wine, and mead. There's nothing more rewarding than sharing a homebrew with a friend, especially since each takes weeks to make!

I started brewing in 2017 by helping my dad out with a Cabernet Sauvignon winemaking kit. Soon after that, I made my first solo kit - a Shiraz. It was rough on the edges, but wine nonetheless!

At the end of 2020, I attempted my first beer. I jumped straight into all-grain brewing, and made a delicious English Porter! Not bad for a first beer.

I've improved a lot since the early days, but still love experimenting with new techniques and ingredients. All in all, I've made nearly a dozen styles of wine (mostly dry reds), a few beers, and a traditional mead.

Follow along with my brewing adventure on Instagram and Untappd!